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    • The How of Literature
      by Ruth Finnegan
    • The Culture of Play: Kabuki and the Production of Texts
      by Andrew Gerstle
    • Performance, Visuality, and Textuality: The Case of Japanese Poetry
      by Haruo Shirane
    • From Oral Performance to Paper-Text to Cyber-Edition
      by John Miles Foley
    • Text and Performance in Africa
      by Karen Barber
    • On the Concept of "Definitive Text" in Somali Poetry
      by Martin Orwin
    • My Mother Has a Television, Does Yours? Transformation and Secularization in an Ewe Funeral Drum Tradition
      by James Burns
    • The Many Shapes of Medieval Chinese Plays: How Texts Are Transformed to Meet the Needs of Actors, Spectators, Censors, and Readers
      by Wilt Idema
    • Textual Representations of the Sixteenth-Century Chinese Drama Yuzan ji (The Jade Hairpin)
      by Andrew Lo

[Collection created May 30, 2018]

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