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    • Ubiquitous Format? What Ubiquitous Format? Chaucer's Tale of Melibee as a Proverb Collection
      by Betsy Bowden
    • Written on the Wind: An Introduction to Auralture
      by Vladimir Guerrero
    • Rites of Passage and Oral Storytelling in Romanian Epic and the New Testament
      by Margaret Hiebert Beissinger
    • Oral Tradition and Contemporary Critical Theory. II
      by Mark C. Amodio
    • Transforming Experience into Tradition: Two Theories of Proverb Use and Chaucer's Practice
      by Nancy Mason Bradbury
    • The Minim-istic Imagination: Scribal Invention and the Word in the Early English Alliterative Tradition
      by Johnathan Watson
    • The Social and Dramatic Functions of Oral Recitation and Composition in Beowulf
      by John M. Hill
    • No One Tells You This: Secondary Orality and Hypertextuality
      by Michael Joyce
    • Cynewulf at the Interface of Literacy and Orality: The Evidence of the Puns in Beowulf
      by Samantha Zacher

[Collection created May 30, 2018]

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