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    • A Preliminary Analysis of the Oral Shamanistic Songs of the Manchus
      by Song Heping
    • The Bard Jusup Mamay
      by Lang Ying
    • Nakhi Tiger Myth in its Context
      by Bai Gengsheng
    • A Brief Account of Bensen Ülger and Ülgeren Bense
      by Zhalgaa
    • Bab Sgrung: Tibetan Epic Singers
      by Zhambei Gyaltsho
    • On the Study of the Narrative Structure of Tibetan Epic: A Record of King Gesar
      by Yang Enhong
    • History and the Tibetan Epic Gesar
      by Li Lianrong
    • The Mythology of Tibetan Mountain Gods: An Overview
      by Xie Jisheng
    • The Rhinoceros Totem and Pangu Myth: An Exploration of the Archetype of Pangu
      by Wu Xiaodong
    • Mongolian-Turkic Epics: Typological Formation and Development
      by Rinchindorji
    • The Oirat Epic Cycle Jangar
      by Chao Gejin
    • Dong Oral Poetry: Kuant Cix
      by Deng Minwen
    • Traditional Nuosu Origin Narratives: A Case Study of Ritualized Epos in Bimo Incantation Scriptures
      by Bamo Qubumo

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