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    • The "Trick" of Narratives: History, Memory, and Performance
      by Chiji Akoma
    • Dario Fo and Oral Tradition: Creating a Thematic Context
      by Antonio Scuderi
    • Cycle Construction and Character Development in Central Algonkian Trickster Tales
      by Andrew Wiget
    • "O man do not scribble on the book": Print and Counter-print in a Scottish Enlightenment University
      by Matthew Simpson
    • Text, Orality, Literacy, Tradition, Dictation, Education, and Other Paradigms of Explication in Greek Literary Studies
      by Barry B. Powell
    • The Narrator's Voice in Kalevala and Kalevipoeg
      by Thomas A. DuBois
    • Ex Ovo Omnia: Where Does the Balto-Finnic Cosmogony Originate?
      by Ülo Valk
    • Beowulf as Epic
      by Joseph Harris
    • Thor's Visit to Útgarðaloki
      by John Lindow

[Collection created May 30, 2018]

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