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    • Introduction: Epics along the Silk Roads: Mental Texts, Performance, and Written Codification
      by Lauri Honko
    • Epic and Identity: National, Regional, Communal, Individual
      by Lauri Honko
    • Epos and National Identity: Transformations and Incarnations
      by Lauri Harvilahti
    • Transformations of Epic Time and Space: Creating the World's Creation in Kalevala-metric Poetry
      by Lotte Tarkka
    • The Present State of the Mongolian Epic and Some Topics for Future Research
      by Walter Heissig
    • G.J. Ramstedt as a Recorder of Khalkha Epics
      by Harry Halén
    • Kudaman: An Oral Epic in the Palawan Highlands
      by Nicole Revel
    • The Mechanisms of Epic Plot and the Mongolian Geseriad
      by S. Ju. Nekljudov
    • From Classical to Postclassical: Changing Ideologies and Changing Epics in India
      by Petteri Koskikallio
    • Caucasian Epics: Textualist Principles in Publishing
      by Alla Alieva
    • Epics in the Oral Genre System of Tulunadu
      by B.A. Viveka Rai

[Collection created May 30, 2018]

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