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    • Introduction: or, Why the Comparativist Should Take Account of the South Pacific
      by Ruth Finnegan
    • "My Summit Where I Sit": Form and Content in Maori Women's Love Songs
      by Margaret Orbell
    • Wry Comment from the Outback: Songs of Protest from the Niva Islands, Tonga
      by Wendy Pond
    • Sex and Slander in Tikopia Song: Public Antagonism and Private Intrigue
      by Raymond Firth
    • Wept Thoughts: The Voicing of Kaluli Memories
      by Steven Feld
    • Profile of a Composer: Ihaia Puka, a Pulotu of the Tokelau Islands
      by Ineleo Tuia, Allen Thomas
    • Fiction, Fact, and Imagination: A Tokelau Narrative
      by Judith Huntsman
    • "That Isn't Really a Pig": Spirit Traditions in the Southern Cook Islands
      by Christian Clerk
    • "Head" and "Tail": The Shaping of Oral Traditions among the Binandere in Papua New Guinea
      by John D. Waiko
    • Every Picture Tells a Story: Visual Alternatives to Oral Tradition in Ponam Society
      by James Carrier, Achsah Carrier
    • Winged Tangi'ia: A Mangaian Dramatic Performance
      by Teaea Parima, Marivee McMath

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