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    • Homer and Oral Tradition: The Formula, Part II
      by Mark W. Edwards
    • Oral Tradition and Welsh Literature: A Description and Survey
      by Brynley F. Roberts
    • A Formulaic Analysis of Samples taken from the Shâhnâma of Firdowsi
      by Olga Merck Davidson
    • The Buddhist Tradition of Prosimetric Oral Narrative In Chinese Literature
      by Victor H. Mair
    • Oral Text: A South Indian Instance
      by Richard M. Swiderski
    • Oral-Formulaic Research in Old English Studies: II
      by Alexandra Hennessey Olsen
    • Annotated Bibliography to 1985
      by Lee Edgar Tyler
    • Symposium Oral, but Oral What? The Nomenclatures of Orality and Their Implications
      by David Henige
    • Reviews: The Spoken Word and the Work of Interpretation, Dennis Tedlock
      by Tullio Maranhão

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