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    • Worlds Apart: Orality, Literacy, and the Rajasthani Folk-Mahabharata
      by John D. Smith
    • King Solomon's Magic: The Power of a Written Text
      by Marie Nelson
    • A Typology of Mediation in Homer
      by Keith Dickson
    • Preface to The Dialect of the Kara-Kirgiz
      by Wilhelm Radloff
    • Marcel Jousse: The Oral Style and the Anthropology of Gesture
      by Edgard Richard Sienaert
    • The Singers and their Epic Songs
      by Matija Murko
    • The Effects of Oral and Written Transmission in the Exchange of Materials between Medieval Celtic and French Literatures: A Physiological View
      by Annalee C. Rejhon
    • Review Earnest Games: Folkloric Patterns in the Canterbury Tales, Carl Lindahl
      by Ward Parks

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