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    • Special Serbo-Croatian Issue Introduction
      by John S. Miletich
    • Yugoslav Oral Lyric, Primarily in Serbo-Croatian
      by Vladimir Bovan
    • Notes on the Poetics of Serbo-Croatian Folk Lyric
      by Hatidža Krnjević
    • Macedonian Folk Poetry, Principally Lyric
      by Tome Sazdov
    • Bugaršćice: A Unique Type of Archaic Oral Poetry
      by Josip Kekez
    • Balladic Forms of the Bugarštica and Epic Songs
      by Maja Bošković-Stulli
    • The Folk Ballad in Slovenia
      by Zmaga Kumer
    • The Legend of Kosovo
      by Jelka Ređep
    • Concluding Formulas of Audience Address in Serbo-Croatian Oral Epic
      by Marija Kleut
    • The Montenegrin Oral Epic in a New Perspective
      by Novak Kilibarda
    • The Geographic Extent and Chronological Coordinates of South Slavic Moslem Oral Epic
      by Ɖenana Buturović
    • Enjambement as a Criterion for Orality in Homeric and South Slavic Epic Poetry
      by Zdeslav Dukat
    • Continuity and Change in Folk Prose Narrative
      by Nada Milošević-Ɖorđević

[Collection created May 30, 2018]

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