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    • A Treasury of Formulaic Narrative: the Persian Popular Romance Hosein-e Kord
      by Ulrich Marzolph
    • "Ah ain't heard whut do tex' wuz": The (Il)legitimate Textuality of Old English and Black English
      by Michael Saenger
    • Epea Pteroenta ("Winged Words")
      by Françoise Létoublon
    • Serial Repetition in Homer and the "Poetics of Talk": A Case Study from the Odyssey
      by Elizabeth Minchin
    • Oral-Formulaic Approaches to Coptic Hymnography
      by Leslie MacCoull
    • The Inscription of Charms in Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts
      by Lea Olsan
    • Speakerly Women and Scribal Men
      by Christine Neufeld
    • Writing as Relic: The Use of Oral Discourse to Interpret Written Texts in the Old French La Queste del Saint
      by Lisa Robeson

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