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  • Front Matter
  • Editor's Column
  • About the Authors (Back Matter)
  • Articles
    • The Artisan Poetry of the Romancero
      by Diego Catalán
    • Survival of the Traditional Romancero: Field Work
      by Ana Valenciano
    • Migratory Shepherds and Ballad Diffusion
      by Antonio Sánchez Romeralo
    • In Defense of Romancero Geography
      by Suzanne H. Petersen
    • Hunting for Rare Romances in the Canary Islands
      by Maximiano Trapero
    • Collecting Portuguese Ballads
      by Manuel da Costa Fontes
    • The Living Ballad in Brazil: Two Performances
      by Judith Seeger
    • The Traditional Romancero in Mexico: Panorama
      by Mercedes Díaz Roig
    • The Judeo-Spanish Ballad Tradition
      by Samuel G. Armistead , Joseph H. Silverman
    • The Structure and Changing Functions of Ballad Traditions
      by Beatriz Mariscal de Rhett
    • References
      by Ruth House Webber

[Collection created May 30, 2018]

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