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    • Why Jews Quote
      by Michael Marmur
    • Voices from Kilbarchan: Two versions of "The Cruel Mother" from South-West Scotland, 1825
      by Flemming G. Andersen
    • "It may be verifyit that thy wit is thin": Interpreting Older Scots Flyting through Hip Hop Aesthetics
      by Caitlin Flynn, Christy Mitchell
    • Seneca Storytelling: Effect of the Kinzua Dam on Interpretations of Supernatural Stories
      by Melissa Borgia
    • Hesiod and Hávamál: Transitions and the Transmission of Wisdom
      by Lilah Grace Canevaro
    • The Oral Poetics of Professional Wrestling, or Laying the Smackdown on Homer
      by William Duffy
    • Hades' Famous Foals and the Prehistory of Homeric Horse Formulas
      by Ryan Platte

[Collection created May 30, 2018]

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