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    • Managing the "Boss": Epistemic Violence, Resistance, and Negotiations in Milman Parry's and Nikola Vujnović's Pričanja with Salih Ugljanin
      by Slavica Ranković
    • Oral/Aural Culture in Late Modern Society? Traditional Singing as Professionalized Genre and Oral-Derived Expression
      by Ingrid Åkesson
    • Masonic Song in Scotland: Folk Tunes and Community
      by Katherine Campbell
    • The Storyteller, the Scribe, and a Missing Man: Hidden Influences from Printed Sources in the Gaelic Tales of Duncan and Neil MacDonald
      by William Lamb
    • Stepping Stones through Time
      by Emily Lyle
    • Dipping into the Well: Scottish Oral Tradition
      by Cathlin Macaulay
    • "Our Grandparents Used to Say That We Are Certainly Ancient People, We Come From the Chullpas": The Bolivian Chipayas' Mythistory
      by Sabine Dedenbach-Salazar Sáenz
    • Butterflies and Dragon-Eagles: Processing Epics from Southwest China
      by Mark Bender
    • "With This Issue . . .": A Record of Oral Tradition
      by Editorial Staff

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