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  • Articles
    • Oral Tradition in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: Introduction
      by Werner H. Kelber, Paula Sanders
    • Response from an Africanist Scholar
      by Ruth Finnegan
    • Torah on the Heart: Literary Jewish Textuality Within Its Ancient Near Eastern Context
      by David M. Carr
    • Guarding Oral Transmission: Within and Between Cultures
      by Talya Fishman
    • The Interplay Between Written and Spoken Word in the Second Testament as Background to the Emergence of Written Gospels
      by Holly Hearon
    • Oral and Written Communication and Transmission of Knowledge in Ancient Judaism and Christianity
      by Catherine Hezser
    • Oral and Written Aspects of the Emergence of the Gospel of Mark as Scripture
      by Richard A. Horsley
    • The History of the Closure of Biblical Texts
      by Werner H. Kelber
    • Two Faces of the Qur'ān: Qur'ān and Muṣḥaf
      by Angelika Neuwirth
    • Biblical Performance Criticism: Performance as Research
      by David Rhoads
    • The Constitution of the Koran as a Codified Work: Paradigm for Codifying Hadîth and the Islamic Sciences?
      by Gregor Schoeler
    • From Jāhiliyyah to Badīciyyah: Orality, Literacy, and the Transformations of Rhetoric in Arabic Poetry
      by Suzanne Pinckney Stetkevych
    • Summation
      by William Graham

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