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    • The Southern Sardinian Tradition of the Mutetu Longu: A Functional Analysis
      by Paulu Zedda
    • Presentation Formulas in South Slavic Epic Song
      by David F. Elmer
    • The Art of Dueling with Words: Toward a New Understanding of Verbal Duels across the World
      by Valentina Pagliai
    • Dialogues in Rhyme: The Performative Contexts of Cretan Mantinádes
      by Venla Sykäri
    • Orality and Agency: Reading an Irish Autobiography from the Great Blasket Island
      by John Eastlake
    • Paradigms of Social Aesthetics in Themne Oral Performance
      by Amadu Wurie Khan
    • The Creation of Basque Oral Poetry by Four American Bertsolaris
      by Asier Barandiaran
    • Are We "Misreading" Paul? Oral Phenomena and their Implication for the Exegesis of Paul's Letters
      by Sam Tsang
    • Storytellers of Children's Literature and their Ideological Construction of the Audience
      by Bruno Alonso, Marta Morgade, David Poveda
    • Performative Loci of the Imperial Edicts in Nara Japan, 749-70
      by Ross Bender

[Collection created May 30, 2018]

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