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  • Articles
    • Introduction
      by Catharine Mason, Richard Thomas
    • Dylan and the Nobel
      by Gordon Ball
    • The Streets of Rome: The Classical Dylan
      by Richard Thomas
    • A Face like a Mask and a Voice that Croaks: An Integrated Poetics of Bob Dylan's Voice, Personae, and Lyrics
      by Christophe Lebold
    • Living, Breathing Songs: Singing Along with Bob Dylan
      by Keith Negus
    • Vocal Performance and Speech Intonation: Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone"
      by Michael Daley
    • Never Quite Sung in this Fashion Before: Bob Dylan's "Man of Constant Sorrow"
      by Todd Harvey
    • "'Sólo Soy Un Guitarrista': Bob Dylan in the Spanish-Speaking World—Influences, Parallels, Reception, and Translation"
      by Christopher Rollason
    • Amerindian Roots of Bob Dylan's Poetry
      by Emmanuel Désveaux
    • Bob Dylan, the Ordinary Star
      by Laure Bouquerel
    • A Semantic and Syntactic Journey Through the Dylan Corpus
      by Jean-Charles Khalifa
    • Nothing's Been Changed, Except the Words: Some Faithful Attempts at Covering Bob Dylan Songs in French
      by Nicolas Froeliger
    • "The Low Hum in Syllables and Meters": Blues Poetics in Bob Dylan's Verbal Art
      by Catharine Mason

[Collection created May 30, 2018]

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