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    • "Whistlin' Towards the Devil's House": Poetic Transformations and Natural Metaphysics in an Appalachian Folktale Performance
      by Joseph Sobol
    • "Blasts of Language": Changes in Oral Poetics in Britain Since 1965
      by Nicky Marsh, Peter Middleton, Victoria Sheppard
    • Performance and Text in the Italian Carolingian Tradition
      by Antonio Scuderi
    • Daimokutate: Ritual Placatory Performance of the Genpei War
      by Elizabeth Oyler
    • Elaborate Versionings: Characteristics of Emergent Performance in Three Print/Oral/ Aural Poets
      by Kenneth Sherwood
    • Neoanalysis, Orality, and Intertextuality: An Examination of Homeric Motif Transference
      by Jonathan Burgess
    • Carneades' Quip: Orality, Philosophy, Wit, and the Poetics of Impromptu Quotation
      by M. D. Usher
    • Calliope, a Muse apart. Some Remarks on the Tradition of Memory as a Vehicle of Oral Justice
      by Penelope Skarsouli

[Collection created May 30, 2018]

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