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    • The People's Poetry
      by Steve Zeitlin
    • The Poem Performed
      by Felice Belle
    • The Heike in Japan
      by Elizabeth Oyler
    • Japanese Noh and Heike katari
      by Shelley Fenno Quinn
    • Japanese Oral Tradition
      by Sybil Thornton
    • Performed Narratives and Music in Japan
      by Alison Tokita
    • The Japanese Tale of the Heike
      by Yamashita Hiroaki
    • Oral Tradition in New Testament Studies
      by Richard A. Horsley
    • Oral Tradition and Rabbinic Studies
      by Martin S. Jaffee
    • Oral Tradition in Bible and New Testament Studies
      by Werner H. Kelber
    • Oral Tradition and Biblical Scholarship
      by Susan Niditch
    • Performance Praxis and Oral Tradition
      by Elizabeth C. Fine
    • Tradition as Communication
      by Thomas A. McKean
    • Homer as Oral Tradition
      by Egbert J. Bakker
    • Oral Tradition and Hellenistic Epic: New Directions in Apollonius of Rhodes
      by Michael Barnes
    • The Homeric Question: An Issue for the Ancients?
      by David Bouvier
    • Ancient Greek Oral Genres
      by Casey Dué
    • Homer and the Oral Tradition
      by Mark W. Edwards
    • Neoanalysis and Oral Tradition in Homeric Studies
      by Margalit Finkelberg
    • The Grain of Greek Voices
      by Richard Martin
    • Oral Poetics and Homeric Poetry
      by Gregory Nagy
    • Homeric Studies
      by Steve Reece
    • The Reception of Homer as Oral Poetry
      by M. D. Usher
    • "Oral Tradition": Weasel Words or Transdisciplinary Door to Multiplexity?
      by Ruth Finnegan
    • Zulu Oral Art
      by H.C. Groenewald
    • Oral Tradition in the Context of Verbal Art
      by Thomas A. Hale
    • The Global and the Local with a Focus on Africa
      by Beverly Stoeltje
    • Orality in Tibet
      by Anne Klein
    • The Metamorphosing Field of Chaoxianzu Oral Literature
      by Peace B. Lee
    • Tibetan Oral Epic
      by Yang Enhong
    • Oral Tradition in Lithuania
      by Lina Bugiene
    • Translating Lithuanian Poetry
      by Jonas Zdanys
    • The Perspective from Folklore Studies
      by Pertti Anttonen
    • Stumbling with/over Scripts: Vignettes
      by Daniel Avorgbedor
    • Some Reflections on the "People's Slam of Radivoje Ilić": Thoughts on the Interplay of the Oral and Visual
      by Joel M. Halpern
    • Continual Morphing
      by Lee Haring
    • Frame Tales and Oral Tradition
      by Bonnie D. Irwin
    • Oral Poetry in the Foreign Language Classroom
      by Catharine Mason
    • Oral History
      by Amy Shuman
    • A Plea for an Interdisciplinary Approach to the Study of Arab Oral Tradition
      by Saad A. Sowayan
    • "Oral Tradition" in a Technologically Advanced World
      by Timothy R. Tangherlini
    • Oral Tradition and Folkloristics
      by Ülo Valk
    • Basque Bertsolaritza
      by Linda White

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