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    • Homespun Homerics in the Kingdom of Aeolus: Ninu Murina in Stromboli
      by LindaAnn Loschiavo
    • The Poetics of Arapaho Storytelling: From Salvage to Performance
      by Andrew Cowell
    • Oral Tradition and Contemporary Critical Theory. I
      by Mark C. Amodio
    • The Case of the Gospels: Memory's Desire and the Limits of Historical Criticism
      by Werner H. Kelber
    • Interpreting Lyric Meaning in Irish Tradition: Love and Death in the Shadow of Tralee
      by Thomas A. DuBois
    • India's "Hundred Voices": Subaltern Oral Performance in Forsters A Passage to India
      by John McBratney
    • On the Use and Abuse of "Orality" for Art: Reflections on Romantic and Late Twentieth-Century Poiesis
      by Maureen N. McLane

[Collection created May 30, 2018]

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