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    • Orality and Basque Nationalism: Dancing with the Devil or Waltzing into the Future?
      by Linda White
    • I Control the Idioms: Creativity in Ndebele Praise Poetry
      by H.C. Groenewald
    • Milman Parry and A. L. Kroeber: Americanist Anthropology and the Oral Homer
      by John F. García
    • Personal Favor and Public Influence: Arete, Arsinoë II, and the Argonautica
      by Anatole Mori
    • The Limits of Textuality: Mobility and Fire Production in Homer and Beowulf
      by Guillemette Bolens
    • Homer and Rhapsodic Competition in Performance
      by Derek Collins
    • Performance and Norse Poetry: The Hydromel of Praise and the Effluvia of Scorn
      by Stephen Mitchell

[Collection created May 30, 2018]

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