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    • Reflections on Myth and History: Tuareg Concepts of Truth, "Lies," and "Children's Tales"
      by Susan J. Rasmussen
    • "Signs on a white field": A Look at Orality in Literacy and James Joyce's Ulysses
      by Sabine Habermalz
    • E-Texts: The Orality and Literacy Issue Revisited
      by Bruce Lionel Mason
    • Suzhou Tanci Storytelling in China: Contexts of Performance
      by Mark Bender
    • Translation and Orality in the Old English Orosius
      by Deborah VanderBilt
    • Oral English in South African Theater in the 1980s
      by Yvonne Banning
    • A Comparative Study of the Singing Styles of Mongolian and Tibetan Geser/Gesar Artists
      by Yang Enhong
    • Cultural Assimilation in Njáls saga
      by Craig R. Davis
    • The Creation of the Ancient Greek Epic Cycle
      by Ingrid Holmberg

[Collection created May 30, 2018]

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