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    • Introduction: Collaboration in the translation and Interpretation of Native American Oral Traditions
      by Barre Toelken, Larry Evers
    • "Like this it stays in your hands": Collaboration and Ethnopoetics
      by Felipe S. Molina, Larry Evers
      "The responsibility that comes with knowledge in an oral tradition is the subject of a talk by Yoeme deer singer Miki Maaso, which we translate and discuss in this essay. How knowledge and responsibility are linked in ethnopoetics is our subject."
    • Tracking "Yuwaan Gagéets": A Russian Fairy Tale in Tlingit Oral Tradition
      by Nora Marks Dauenhauer, Richard L. Dauenhauer
    • Reading Martha Lamont's Crow Story Today
      by Marya Moses, Toby C. S. Langen
    • Collaborative Sociolinguistic Research among the Tohono O'odham
      by Ofelia Zepeda, Jane Hill
    • "Wu-ches-erik (Loon Woman) and Ori-aswe (Wildcat)"
      by Darryl Babe Wilson, Susan Brandenstein Park
    • Coyote and the Strawberries: Cultural Drama and Intercultural Collaboration
      by George B. Wasson, Barre Toelken
    • "There Are No More Words to the Story"
      by Elsie P. Mather, Phyllis Morrow

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