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    • From the Griot of Roots to the Roots of Griot: A New Look at the Origins of a Controversial African Term for Bard
      by Thomas A. Hale
    • Sink or Swim: On Associative Stucturing in Longer Latvian Folk Songs
      by Vaira Vikis-Freibergs
    • "The Battle with the Monster": Transformation of a Traditional Pattern in "The Dream of the Rood"
      by Leslie Stratyner
    • Mongolian Oral Epic Poetry: An Overview
      by Chao Gejin
    • Two Performances of the "Return of Alpamish": Current Performance-Practice in the Uzbek Oral Epic of the Sherabad School
      by Walter Feldman
    • Annotated Bibliography 1986-1990
      by Catherine Quick

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