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    • The Mechanism of the Ancient Ballad: William Motherwell's Explanation
      by Mary Ellen Brown
    • Who Heard the Rhymes, and How: Shakespeare's Dramaturgical Signals
      by Burton Raffel
    • Orality and Literacy in the Commedia dell'Arte and the Shakespearean Clown
      by Robert Henke
    • A Furified Freestyle: Homer and Hip Hop
      by Erik Pihel
    • The Kalevala Received: From Printed Text to Oral Performance
      by Thomas A. DuBois
    • Early Voice Recordings of Japanese Storytelling
      by J. Scott Miller
    • "In Forme of Speche" is Anxiety: Orality in Chaucer's House of Fame
      by Leslie K. Arnovick
    • A Narrative Technique in Beowulf and Homeric Epic
      by Bruce Louden
    • Ei Pote: A Note on Homeric Phraseology
      by R. Scott Garner
    • In Defense of Milman Parry: Renewing the Oral Theory
      by William Merrit Sale

[Collection created May 30, 2018]

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