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    • Immanence and Immanent Truth
      by John H. McDowell
    • Generic and Racial Appropriation in Victoria Howard's "The Honorable Milt"
      by Jarold Ramsey
    • Narrative Tradition in Early Greek Oral Poetry and Vase Painting
      by E.A. Mackay
    • Chaucer New Painted (1623): Three Hundred Proverbs in Performance Context
      by Betsy Bowden
    • Word, Breath, and Vomit: Oral Competition in Old English and Old Norse Literature
      by Robin Waugh
    • Oral Register in the Biblical Libretto: Towards a Biblical Poetic
      by Susan Niditch
    • Language, Memory, and Sense Perception in the Religious and Technological Culture of Antiquity and the Middle Ages
      by Werner H. Kelber
    • Review Essay: The Fornaldarsögur: Stephen Mitchell's Contribution
      by Jesse Byock

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