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    • Hermeneutic Forever: Voice, Text, Digitization, and the 'I'
      by Walter J. Ong
    • What's in a Frame? The Medieval Textualization of Traditional Storytelling
      by Bonnie D. Irwin
    • Affective Criticism, Oral Poetics, and Beowulf's Fight with the Dragon
      by Mark C. Amodio
    • Mandela Comes Home: The Poets' Perspective
      by Russell H. Kaschula
    • Perspectives on Orality in African Cinema
      by Keyan Tomaselli, Maureen Eke
    • Matigari: An African Novel as Oral Narrative Performance
      by F. Odun Balogun
    • Narrating Saga Feud: Tháttr and the Fundamental Oral Progression
      by Jesse Byock
    • A Poet on the Achaean Wall
      by Timothy W. Boyd
    • The Three Circuits of the Suitors: A Ring Composition in Odyssey 17-22
      by Steve Reece

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