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    • Informing Performance: Producing the Coloquio in Tierra Blanca
      by Pamela Ritch, Richard Bauman
    • Oral Genres and the Art of Reading in Tibet
      by Anne Klein
    • Forrest Spirits: Oral Echoes in Leon Forrest's Prose
      by Bruce A. Rosenberg
    • Ethnopoetics, Oral-Formulaic Theory, and Editing Texts
      by Dell Hymes
    • Homer's Style: Non-Formulaic Features of an Oral Aesthetic
      by Joseph Russo
    • Performing A Thousand and One Nights In Egypt
      by Susan Slyomovics
    • The Ethnography of Scribal Writing and Anglo-Saxon Poetry: Scribe as Performer
      by A. Nicholas Doane
    • Editing Beowulf: What Can Study of the Ballads Tell Us?
      by John D. Niles
    • Symposium: The Study of the Orally Transmitted Ballad: Past Paradigms and a New Poetics
      by Teresa Catarella

[Collection created May 30, 2018]

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