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    • Introduction: The Search for Grounds in African Oral Tradition
      by Lee Haring
    • Field of Life, Sowing of Speech, Harvest of Acts
      by Sory Camara
    • Social Speech and Speech of the Imagination: Female Identity and Ambivalence in Bambara-Malinké Oral Literature
      by Veronika Görög-Karady
    • Freedom to Sing, License to Insult: The Influence of Haló Performance on Social Violence Among the Anlo Ewe
      by Daniel K. Avorgbedor
    • Pattern, Interaction, and the Non-Dialogic in Performance by Hausa Rap Artists
      by Graham Furniss, Sa'idu Babur Ahmed
    • Oral Literary Criticism and the Performance of the Igbo Epic
      by Chukwuma Azuonye
    • On the Sense and Nonsense of Performance Studies Concerning Oral Literature of the Bulsa in Northern Ghana
      by Rüediger Schott
    • Silent Voices: The Role of Somali Women's Poetry in Social and Political Life
      by Zainab Mohamed Jama
    • Women's Discourse on Social Change in Nzema (Ghanaian) Maiden Songs
      by K.E. Agovi
    • Through Ambiguous Tales: Women's Voices in Chokwe Storytelling
      by Rachel I. Fretz

[Collection created May 30, 2018]

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