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  • Articles
    • A Gaelic Songmaker's Response to an English-speaking Nation
      by Thomas A. McKean
    • Oral Poetry and the World of Beowulf
      by Paul Sorrell
    • Innervision and Innertext: Oral and Interpretive Modes of Storytelling Performance
      by Joseph Sobol
    • The Production of Finnish Epic Poetry—Fixed Wholes or Creative Compositions?
      by Lauri Harvilahti
    • Song, Text, and Cassette: Why We Need Authoritative Audio Editions of Medieval Literary Works
      by Ward Parks
    • Latin Charms of Medieval England: Verbal Healing in a Christian Oral Tradition
      by Lea Olsan
    • The Combat of Lug and Balor: Discourses of Power in Irish Myth and Folktale
      by Joan N. Radner
    • The Narrative Presentation of Orality in James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake
      by Willi Erzgräber
    • Symposium Turkish Oral Tradition in Texas: The Archive of Turkish Oral Narrative
      by Warren S. Walker
    • Review
      by Carolyn Higbie

[Collection created May 30, 2018]

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