• Review Articles
    • Care of the Hospitalized Patient with Cystic Fibrosis: A Summary of Current Practice Guidelines; Recommendations for the Hospitalist, Part 1 (Pulmonary Exacerbation) / Melissa M. Kouba
    • Determining the Optimal Steroid Treatment Regimen for COPD Exacerbations: A Review of the Literature / Jena Torpin, and Erica Ottis
  • Case Report:
    • Transient Gestation-associated Diabetes Insipidus (GDI) / Syed H. Naqvi, Jonathan B. Menezes, and Syed Ali Awon
  • Diagnostic Dilemma
    • A 41 year-old Man with Gastrointestinal Symptoms and an Unusual Exposure History / Emily F. Cole, and Natraj Katta
  • Editorial
    • Impact of Academic Hospitalists on American Medical Education: A Compact Review / Natraj Katta

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