Volume 6 Issue 4. October-December 2014 Contents

Recent Submissions

  • Thiamine deficiency : A case presentation and literature review 

    Easter, Alyssa; Katta, Natraj (2014-10)
    This case examines the complicated hospital course of a patient ultimately diagnosed with thiamine deficiency. The presentation, diagnostic work up, and treatment of a 53-year-old male with a history of schizoaffective ...
  • Ask a pathologist 

    Coberly, Emily (2014-10)
    Question: I ordered a type and screen on my patient, and the blood bank reported that her direct Coombs test was positive. Does that mean my patient has autoimmune hemolytic anemia?
  • A case series on fixed drug eruptions 

    Newby, Maxwell; Cascone, John; Regunath, Hariharan (2014-10)
    A 60 year old male truck driver with a history of recurrent skin boils presented with painful lesions on the glans penis that started a few days prior. A week ago he was treated with co-trimoxazole for skin abscesses on ...
  • Hypermucoviscous Klebsiella pneumoniae liver abscess in a previously healthy Burmese male 

    Levasseur, Victoria; Katta, Natraj (2014-10)
    We report the case of a 38 year-old previously healthy Burmese man who presented with abdominal pain, headache, myalgia, and back pain. He was found to have leukocytosis, transaminitis, hyperbilirubinemia, and evidence of ...
  • Care of the hospitalized patient with Cystic Fibrosis : A summary of current practice guidelines; recommendations for the hospitalist, part 2 

    Kouba, Melissa (2014-10)
    The cystic fibrosis care team often acts as the gate keeper for hospital admissions given the specialized ability to recognize a pulmonary exacerbation. However, patients may present to the emergency department with symptoms ...
  • An interesting case of anemia 

    Naqvi, Syed; Chastain, Veronica; Khalil, Rubab (2014-10)
    Cobalamin (Vitamin B12) deficiency can result in abnormalities in all cell lines which normalize after cobalamin replacement. Moreover, Andres et al. reported hematological findings in 201 consecutive patients with vitamin ...
  • Unusual presentation of Coxsackie B rhabdomyolysis : Case report and literature review 

    Patel, Sajal; Mulyala, Rajasekhar; Katta, Natraj (2014-10)
    Coxsackie virus infections occur throughout the year, but have an increased in the summer and fall (1). It is often self-limited and resolves with only symptomatic treatment, but the virus has been linked to rhabdomyolysis ...
  • HIV associated Lymphoma 

    Peace, Stephanie; Regunath, Hariharan; Prabhakar, Deepa; Salzer, William (2014-10)
    Questions: Part 1: A 25-year-old HIV-positive male presents with a four day history of fever and headache. Part 2: A PET scan was subsequently performed 2 months later and FDG-avid lesions were noted in the small bowel ...
  • Denosumab-induced severe hypocalcemia in a patient with Crohn's disease 

    Spiegel, Michelle; Tidwell, Tonya; Mulyala, Rajasekhar; Katta, Natraj (2014-10)
    Osteoporosis occurs with increased prevalence in individuals with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and as such, these patients are at risk for osteoporosis-related fractures. Although bisphosphonates remain the most ...