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  • Hydromorphone precipitating serotonin syndrome 

    Wang, Sijie (2018-04)
    Opioid medications are an underappreciated cause of serotonin syndrome. Fentanyl, meperidine, and methadone are more commonly associated with this potentially life-threatening side effect. Here, we present the case of a ...
  • Ask a pathologist 

    Prabhakaran, Nitya; Coberly, Emily (2018-04)
    Question: My patient developed a fever during a packed red blood cell transfusion. What is the likelihood that the fever is due to bacterial contamination of the blood product?
  • Ask a hematologist 

    Sun, Jiyuan; Singh, Sindhu (2018-04)
    Question: How to order and interpret iron studies for a hospitalized patient with anemia?
  • New Clostridium difficile infection guidelines : Pearls for the hospitalist 

    Rojas-Moreno, Christian (2018-04)
    Clinical vignette: A 40 year-old female with no significant past medical history had a 3-day history of runny nose, headache, cough and post-nasal drip. Her physical exam showed erythematous pharyngeal wall but it was ...
  • In pursuit of happiness : Creation of an academic hospitalist wellness committee and well-being survey 

    Masters, Christie; Lazarus, Michael; Afsarmanesh, Nasim; Zhang, Annie; Bui, Patrick; Wilkinson, Rebecca; Kang, Mina (2018-04)
    Physician burnout poses a critical threat to the delivery of healthcare. A solution to this problem is a leadership imperative. Managing demands on physicians can prevent burnout and foster engagement. This study ...
  • ECG dilemma : Answer 

    Assefa, Mahaletwork; Balla, Sudarshan (2018-04)
    ECG Dilemma: Answer.
  • ECG dilemma 

    Assefa, Mahaletwork; Balla, Sudarshan (2018-04)
    A 45-year-old male was seen as a response to an EMS call. Patient’s neighbor saw the patient collapsed in the backyard. Patient had a history of substance abuse and depression. Patient was intubated on field for airway ...
  • Conference Calendar 

    Chela, Harleen (2018-04)
    Conference Calendar.
  • Are there predictive pupillometry markers in determining external ventricular device (EVD) weaning failure or success in subarachnoid hemorrhage patients? 

    Bezner, Tracy; Nattanmai, Premkumar; Katyal, Nakul; Premkumar, Keerthivaas; Newey, Christopher (2018-04)
    Pupillometers objectively measure constriction (i.e., parasympathetic pathway) and dilation (i.e., sympathetic pathway) velocities of the pupillary reflex. These pathways may be affected by increases in ventricular ...
  • Alcoholic hepatitis 

    Padkins, Mitchell; Naqvi, Syed (2018-04)
    Alcoholic hepatitis (AH) is a clinical manifestation on the spectrum of alcoholic liver diseases related to alcohol consumption. The mildest of these diseases is fatty liver, which can progress to AH and then lead to ...