Missouri Hospitalist Issue 46. January-March, 2013 Contents

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  • Management of prosthetic joint infections 

    Salzer, William (2013-01)
    The IDSA has published it’s long awaited guidelines for the management of prosthetic joint infections.
  • Spot diagnosis 

    Regunath, Hariharan; Headrick, Linda; Siva, Chockalingam (2013-01)
    Question 1: A 52 year old lady with type 2 diabetes mellitus and recurrent acne noted to have these skin and nail changes during a clinic visit. Question 2: A 70 year old man presented with an acute onset of elbow pain ...
  • Savory satisfaction can lead to lower gastrointestinal impaction 

    Shortridge, James; Linwedel, Dayna; Hammad, Hazem (2013-01)
    The differential diagnosis for constipation is large and includes many common diagnoses as well as other unusual ones. Bezoars are one of the diagnostic "zebras" that we do not think of frequently. Bezoars are foreign ...
  • What's new in nutrition? 

    Bucko, Luray (2013-01)
    Nutrition is an integral part of the healing process. The role of nutrition in healing is often underappreciated and the service of dietician/ nutrition specialists underutilized. This brief review provides information about ...
  • Copy and paste by any other name : Cloning, carry-forward -- is not a rose! 

    Boshard, Barbara (2013-01)
    The copy and paste function in the electronic medical record (EMR) can turn into a thorn-in-the-side when ineffectively used by health care providers for documentation. Dimick identifies three words that start with "C" ...
  • Treatment of stable COPD : Recent guidelines and medication update 

    Parker, William (2013-01)
    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a preventable cause of morbidity and mortality that poses a significant public health burden. The disease is characterized by progressively worsening airflow ...
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