Missouri Hospitalist Issue 48. July-September, 2013 Contents

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    Conference Calendar.
  • Endocarditis 

    Salzer, William (2013-07)
    A recent basic clinical review of Infective Endocarditis in NEJM-Clinical practice.
  • Ask a pathologist 

    Coberly, Emily; Shirshekan, Jonathan; Johannesen, Eric (2013-07)
    QUESTION: I have heard about the recent increase in Paragonimus kellicotti infections in Missouri. If I am suspicious of this diagnosis in one of my patients, how can I test for it?
  • Diagnostic dilemma 

    Balla, Sudharshan (2013-07)
    Questions: 1) A 37 year old female is admitted with increasing dyspnea and orthopnea of 1 week duration. 2) A 68 year old male with history of hypertension was admitted with a blood pressure of 220/120 mm/Hg.
  • Monitoring and metabolic risks with second generation antipsychotics 

    Reiss, Rebecca (2013-07)
    As the armamentarium of antipsychotic medications continues to grow, so does data supporting expansion of their use for conditions beyond schizophrenia. For this reason, providers other than psychiatrists may see increasing ...
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