Missouri Hospitalist Issue 49. October-December, 2013 Contents

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  • Laboratory diagnosis of infections 

    Salzer, William (2013-10)
    Ever wonder what type of culture or test to order to diagnose an infection? Well, the IDSA has published guidelines which are arranged by anatomical site, with lots of tables that tell you what culture, Smear, PCR or ...
  • Ask a pathologist 

    Coberly, Emily; Esebua, Magda (2013-10)
    QUESTION: My patient has a palpable neck mass that is suspicious for malignancy, and I am considering ordering a fine needle aspiration (FNA) versus a core needle or open biopsy. Which type of biopsy will have the fastest ...
  • Diagnostic dilemma 

    Balla, Sudharshan; Dohrmann, Mary (2013-10)
    Questions: 1) A 68-year-old male was admitted for increasing shortness of breath. 2) A 45-year-old African American male presents to ER with increasing weakness.
  • High vitamin B12 level 

    Nistala, Puja (2013-10)
    Vitamin B12/cobalamin functions as an important co-enzyme in the human body and is essential for purine and pyrimidine synthesis. Vitamin B12 deficiency is a very well recognized clinical entity but the conditions leading ...
  • 65-year-old male patient with left sided headache and orbital pain of 2-3 months duration 

    Enezate, Tariq; Sundy, Meryl; Lucchese, Scott; Johnson, Lenworth (2013-10)
    Despite advancement of neurotechnology and neuroimaging, detailed history and examination remain the most important tools for diagnosis of unilateral headache and orbital pain. Headache is a common symptom among all age ...
  • Improving primary prevention of coronary heart disease by increasing documentation of Framingham risk scores 

    Omran, Jad; Koller, Jim; Mittal, Mayank; Bostick, Brian (2013-10)
    Heart disease is the leading cause of death in both men and women, accounting for nearly one-fourth of the deaths in the USA in 2010 [1]. Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the most common type of heart disease with about ...
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