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  • A history of the hemp industry in Missouri 

    Easton, Miles W. (University of Missouri., 1938)
    Hemp, one of the oldest known fiber plants was cultivated in China and India as early as 500 A. D. With the rise of civilization and the development of those activities that create a demand for this fiber, the hemp culture ...
  • John Brooks Henderson as a representative of border-state public opinion 

    Merideth, Dorothy McClure (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1939)
    "The stormy years of the Civil War and reconstruction period were years off confusion and strife in politics as well as in military affairs; fierce partisanship was the order of the day. No section of the country experienced ...
  • Place names of six northeast counties of Missouri 

    Elliott, Katherine (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1938)
    "Six counties, Marion, Shelby, Knox, Clark, Lewis, and Scotland, furnish the material for this thesis. In the lexioon which follows, we have sought to bring together as exhaustive a list of names as may be, with all ...
  • Study of levels of living in three southeast Missouri counties 

    Hart, Grace Edith (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1937)
    Preliminary statement: Purpose: The purpose of the study was to ascertain something of the levels of living of farm and village families in a selected area in Southeast Missouri. Particular emphasis is given to the tenure ...
  • The senatorial career of George Graham Vest 

    Dawes, Marian Elaine (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1932)
    G. G. Vest is known to most people, if at all, as the author of the famous eulogy on the dog. To a small group, he is known as the "Senator of two Republics" but to many he is known not at all. His work as a United States ...
  • Place names of St. Louis and Jefferson County 

    Welty, Ruth (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1939)
    "Strangely fascinating are place-name, not only by their euphony, but by their romantic associations." So attractive is the study of place-name that it develops in the student a curiosity concerning the origin of all names. ...
  • A congressional history of the Populists 

    Roberts, Clarence Nelson (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1936)
    "Populism arose as a party movement representing an agrarian economy to combat the rising force of industrialism in the United States. It represented the rural forces of unrest that had been agitating for relief from the ...
  • Place names of five central southern counties of Missouri 

    O'Brien, Anna (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1939)
    Counties: Dallas, Dent, Laclede, Shannon, Texas.
  • Place names of six east central counties of Missouri 

    Leech, Esther Gladys (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1933)
    Counties: Audrain, Monroe, Montgomery, Pike, Ralls, and Randolph.
  • The Thomas Hart Benton faction in Missouri politics, 1850-1860 

    Hensley, Orlana (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1937)
    The central event in the history of political parties in Missouri, between 1850 end 1856, was the fight between the Benton and the Anti-Benton factions tor the control of the dominant Democratic party in the state. At the ...
  • James Lemen, senior and junior, and the early slavery controversy in Illinois 

    Layman, Martha Elizabeth (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1935)
    This study is the result of a desire on the part or the author to trace the anti-slavery movement in early Illinois leading toward the formation and retention of a tree state constitution. The subject is of particular ...
  • The vitamin C content of Bloomsdale spinach as affected by home canning and home cooking 

    Johnson, Dorothy Mae (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1930)
    "The subject of vitamins has assumed in the past years great prominence. The role which they play in nutrition is today generally recognized. Much of scientific and practical value has been learned regarding them although ...
  • Place names of five west central counties of Missouri 

    Atchison, Anne (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1937)
    Counties: Platte, Clay, Ray, Jackson, and Lafayette
  • Place names of six south central counties of Missouri 

    Weber, Frank (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1938)
    Counties: Osage, Gasconade, Miller, Maries, Phelps, and Pulaski
  • Place names in the southwest counties of Missouri 

    Myers, Robert Lee (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1930)
    Counties: Barton, Cedar, Dade, Greene, Jasper, Lawrence, Newton, and Polk
  • Place names of six southeast counties of Missouri 

    Hamlett, Mayme Lucille, 1906-2000 (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1938)
    Counties: Pemiscot, Dunklin, New Madrid, Scott, Mississippi, and Stoddard
  • Place names in the north central counties of Missouri 

    Adams, Orvyl Guy (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1928)
    Counties: Adair, Carroll, Chariton, Grundy, Linn, Livingston, Macon, Mercer, Putnam, Schuyler, and Sullivan
  • Place names in the southwest border counties of Missouri 

    Bell, Margaret Ellen (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1933)
    Counties: Webster, Wright, Christian, Douglas, Ozark, Taney, Stone, Barry, and McDonald
  • Interpreters of Chicago : a study in American regionalism 

    Conant, Dorothy Hazel (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1932)
    The second discovery of America came when the writers discovered the interesting elements in the varied communities which made each of them unique. A like discovery had been made in England years before by George Eliot, ...
  • Proposed adjustments in the tenancy system of Missouri 

    Dickerson, John Haworth (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1937)
    The objective of this study are to present a brief survey of some of the outstanding Indian Trails of the State, an abbreviated account of the dvelopment of the important traces of the French and Spanish regimes, and a ...

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