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  • Place names in the north central counties of Missouri 

    Adams, Orvyl Guy (1928)
    This thesis is an attempt to study and determine the origin of the names of the counties, towns, streams, townships, and country schools of the North Central Counties of Missouri. These counties include Adair, Carroll, ...
  • Place-names in the southwest border counties of Missouri 

    Bell, Margaret Ellen (1933)
    If, by chance, all the written evidence of the history of a region, the character of its people, its economic structure, and its physical qualities were swept away, the story of that region could be reconstructed with an ...
  • Interpreters of Chicago : a study in American regionalism 

    Conan, Dorothy Hazel (1932)
    The second discovery of .America came when the writers discovered the interesting elements in the varied communities which made each of them unique. A like discovery had been made in England years before by George Eliot, ...
  • Proposed adjustments in the tenancy system of Missouri 

    Dickerson, John Haworth (University of Missouri, 1937)
  • Early roads in Missouri 

    Wood, Martha May (University of Missouri, 1936)
    “The objectives of this study are to present a brief survey of some of the outstanding Indian trails of the State, an abbreviated account of the development of the important traces of the French and Spanish regimes, and a ...
  • The Reaction of Metallic Hydroxides on Secondary Butyl Bromide 

    Johler, Walter William (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1933)
  • Place-names in six of the west central counties of Missouri 

    Johnson, Bernice Eugenia (University of Missouri, 1933)
    Statement of the problem: This thesis is the record of careful research into the origin of the place-names of western counties of Missouri. Six counties, Vernon, Bates, Cass, St. Clair, Henry, and Johnson have been studied, ...