University of Missouri undergraduate theses published between 1905-1915. All were digitized from print copies in the University Libraries collection.

Recent Submissions

  • A report of tests made on boiler and engine-generator unit 

    Gidehaus, Rich, Jr.; Gladfelter, H. S. (University of Missouri, 1909)
    "The object of this thesis is to determine the efficiency of the boiler and engine-generator unit in the power plant of the Columbia Factory (Columbia, Mo.) of the Hamilton-Brown Shoe Co. St. Louis."--Page 3.
  • The effect of oil on permeability of Portland cement mortar 

    Rudder, Samuel Miller (University of Missouri, 1915)
    In the past few years, since the use of concrete has come into such general use, the great question which has come about is to the possibilities of making it watertight. Several different materials have been proven to be ...
  • A report on a five hundred and fifty kilowatt plant 

    Robinson, Elmer Clinton (University of Missouri, 1912)
    The object of this thesis is to present a report on an electric generating station of the size most commonly encountered in electric lighting work. This size station, and others varying in size from a little smaller to a ...
  • A proposed water power plant for the University of Missouri 

    Brown, Elbert Calvin; Westover, R. B. (University of Missouri, 1909)
    Hydro-Electric Power Development is fast becoming one of the largest branches of engineering. Much attention is being paid to it in all good engineering schools. But it is impossible to get much out of the study unless a ...
  • Proposed flood protection and drainage, Salt River, Missouri 

    Ross, Blair A. (University of Missouri, 1911)
    The north fork of Salt River drains a Iong irregular basin in the north eastern part of the state of Missouri. It rises in Adair County and flows down thru the southwest corner of Know County, diagonally thru Shelby County ...
  • A thesis on mechanical drawing in technical schools 

    Rollins, William Benjamin (University of Missouri, 1905)
    The variations of the courses offered in mechanical drawing in the technical schools are a matter worthy of attention. The fact that such variations exist is simply evidence of the difference of opinions of those having ...
  • Location of Wabash-M.K. & T. cut-off at Columbia, Missouri 

    Hill, D. E.; Reagan, C. S. (University of Missouri, 1910)
    The object of this investigation is to determine the best and cheapest route connecting the Missouri Kansas and Texas R. R. with the Wabash R. R. Such a connection, we believe would be feasible because of the amount of ...
  • Lighting system for the University campus 

    Roehry, Emil Anton; Oliver, Albert Roy (University of Missouri, 1910)
    The need of an efficient and artistic lighting system for the University Campus has been in evidence for several years.The object of this thesis is to discuss comparatively the different lamps and lighting systems, finally ...
  • An investigation of the feasibility and cost of the construction of a transmission line from Brookfield, Missouri to Laclede, Missouri 

    Rooker, James Francis, 1887- (University of Missouri, 1911)
    The object of this thesis is to investigate the feasibility and cost of the construction of a transmission line from Brookfield, Missouri to Laclede, Missouri for the purpose of supplying Laclede with electrical energy for ...
  • The electric water level indicator 

    Rust, Fleet Singleton; Vincent, Louis Lester (University of Missouri, 1910)
    The problem of automatically indicating, at a distance, the height of water in a storage basin or open water way is one which chiefly concerns water power plants although it may come up, of course, in many different cases. ...
  • Disposal of the east side sewage, Columbia, Mo. 

    Ross, Floyd Elmer; Work, David Wayne; Wells, Homer Theodore (University of Missouri, 1908)
    Owing to the location of the main sewer system of Columbia, Missouri, and the topography of the immediate and surrounding country on which the city is located, it is difficult to dispose of the sewage of the east part of ...
  • Design of reinforced concrete settling basin for St. Joseph, MO 

    Roth, Frederick Isadore; Porzelius, Albert Frederick (University of Missouri, 1909)
    The basin is designed for the City of St. Joseph, Missouri, to partly relieve the present basin, which has become inadequate for the present needs of the city. The capacity of the basin is 5,000,000 gallons, which is one ...
  • Contact resistance 

    Rosebush, Earl Alfonso; Harris, George Frederick (University of Missouri, 1906)
    Nearly every possible loss of power about a dynamo has been investigated more or less thoroughly and efforts made to eliminate such loss by careful design of the part in which the loss occurs. The losses at the brushes due ...
  • Construction and tests of reinforced concrete floor slabs and reinforced concrete floor system 

    Rogers, Hugh Chilton, 1889-; Prehn, Robert Lincoln, 1885-; Maclay, William Harrison, 1889- (University of Missouri, 1911)
    In the use of reinforced concrete for the construction of buildings, it is of importance that the structure be made as light as is consistent with strength. Especially is this true of concrete floors in concrete or steel ...
  • Composition of drainage water of Hinkson and Grindstone creeks 

    Aguilar, Rafael Hipólito, 1887- (University of Missouri, 1911)
    A chemical analysis of water is carried on by very different methods, depending on the use to which the water is to be put. These methods may be conveniently classified as, (a) those in which the potability of water is ...
  • On the behaviour of fuse wires 

    Weinbach, Mendell P. (Mendell Penco), 1881-1947 (University of Missouri, 1907)
    The last few decades have witnessed the introduction of electricity as a factor of everyday life in its use as a source of light, power and heat. The dangers of fire breaking out, or the damaging of machines or other ...