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  • Research Article
    • Evaluation of Antibiotic Management in the Reduction of Recurrent Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Exacerbations / Laura McAuliffe, PharmD, Elizabeth O’Gara, PharmD, Henri Balaguera, MD, Yuxiu Lei, PhD, Leslie Mitchell, PharmD, Jason Lancaster, PharmD, MEd
  •  Review Article
    • Acute Care Update – 2015 / Harbaksh Sangha, MD  
  • Ask a Specialist
    • Ask a Pathologist / Rohini Kannuswamy, MD, Emily Coberly, MD
  • Case Report
    • The Curious Case of Purple Urine / Raj Parikh, MD, MPH, Rajive Tandon, MD
  • Image of the Month / Luke Andrea, MS-III, Christian Rojas-Moreno, MD
[Collection created September 4, 2018]

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