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    Child death, grief, and the community in high and late Medieval England
    Childhood epidemics and the demographic landscape of the Aland Archipelago
    Chronic illness and the college student experience : an anti-deficit achievement study of resilience in higher education
    Climate change impacts on hydrologic components and occurrence of drought in an agricultural watershed
    Co-teaching as a clinical model of student teaching : perceptions of preparedness for first year teaching
    Comparative studies of fission fragment and electron beam driven solid-state lasers and reactor-laser system modeling
    A comparison of the social and academic impact of high school students participating in desegregation programs to their peers
    Complex service offerings : a theoretical exposition and empirical investigation
    Condition monitoring of an axial piston pump utilizing the Kalman filter
    Contentious politics and social media : a study of the networked publics in the Ayotzinapa twitter protests #PaseDeLista1al43
    Crossed-beam chemical reaction dynamics probed with universal and state resolved ion imaging
    Dee-jay drop that deadbeat : hip-hop's remix of fatherhood narratives
    Democracy and the failure of liberalism? : globalization and the reemergence of Orientalist essentialism in Hindutva's construction of fundamentalist Hindu identity
    Detecting subtle variation in two cryptic primate families (tarsiidae & lorisidae) through morphology and genetics
    Determination of saturated film densities and volumes for adsorbed hydrogen, and application to the calculation of the enthalpy of adsorption at room temperature
    Developing a predictive model to identify job satisfaction among Missouri secondary assistant principals using the Minnesota satisfaction questionnaire
    Developing secondary students' understanding of the generality and purpose of proof
    Development and improvement of artificial diets for larvae of Diabrotica species using multidimensional design space techniques
    Direct simulation Monte Carlo for modeling spatially homogeneous multi-component aerosols
    Don't show any sign of a chip in your armor : the communicative co-construction of mental health in correctional work