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    Chronic illness and the college student experience : an anti-deficit achievement study of resilience in higher education [1]
    Climate change impacts on hydrologic components and occurrence of drought in an agricultural watershed [1]
    Co-teaching as a clinical model of student teaching : perceptions of preparedness for first year teaching [1]
    Comparative studies of fission fragment and electron beam driven solid-state lasers and reactor-laser system modeling [1]
    A comparison of the social and academic impact of high school students participating in desegregation programs to their peers [1]
    Complex service offerings : a theoretical exposition and empirical investigation [1]
    Condition monitoring of an axial piston pump utilizing the Kalman filter [1]
    Contentious politics and social media : a study of the networked publics in the Ayotzinapa twitter protests #PaseDeLista1al43 [1]
    Crossed-beam chemical reaction dynamics probed with universal and state resolved ion imaging [1]
    Dee-jay drop that deadbeat : hip-hop's remix of fatherhood narratives [1]
    Democracy and the failure of liberalism? : globalization and the reemergence of Orientalist essentialism in Hindutva's construction of fundamentalist Hindu identity [1]
    Detecting subtle variation in two cryptic primate families (tarsiidae & lorisidae) through morphology and genetics [1]
    Determination of saturated film densities and volumes for adsorbed hydrogen, and application to the calculation of the enthalpy of adsorption at room temperature [1]
    Developing a predictive model to identify job satisfaction among Missouri secondary assistant principals using the Minnesota satisfaction questionnaire [1]
    Developing secondary students' understanding of the generality and purpose of proof [1]
    Development and improvement of artificial diets for larvae of Diabrotica species using multidimensional design space techniques [1]
    Direct simulation Monte Carlo for modeling spatially homogeneous multi-component aerosols [1]
    Don't show any sign of a chip in your armor : the communicative co-construction of mental health in correctional work [1]
    Dust formation and evolution around carbon stars [1]
    Early-stage social ventures : resource acquisition, CEO selection, and impact investors [1]