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    End-tidal carbon dioxide in the diagnosis of acute pulmonary embolism in hospitalized adult patients [1]
    Essays on climate econometrics [1]
    Evaluating and improving corn nitrogen fertilizer recommendation tools across the U.S. Midwest [1]
    Evaluation of faculty engagement in professional learning activities : a mixed-methods study on communication processes, value, and barriers [1]
    The evolution of complex calls In meadow Katydids [1]
    An examination of athletic participation and academic achievement among high school students in a midwest, catholic high school [1]
    An examination of black women's health information understanding and negotiation of engagement in skin whitening [1]
    Examining relationships between first-grade achievement, student socioeconomic status, and student-teacher relationships [1]
    Explaining variation in adoption and implementation of anti-corruption policies [1]
    Exploring star formation in high-mass galaxies in the low-z universe [1]
    Fabrication and optimization of three-dimensional metamaterials for terahertz energy-harvesting [1]
    Facilitating emergent bilingual's participation in mathematics : an examination of a teacher's positioning acts [1]
    Families are for thriving, not just surviving : aged out foster youths' experiences of family, home, and estrangement [1]
    Fluctuating asymmetry as a measure of developmental instability in Arikara bioarchaeological assemblages [1]
    Fording the Severn : the influence of intermarriage and judicial participation on Welsh identity and self-identification in Shropshire and the Central March of Wales in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries [1]
    Forest adaptation and transition in the eastern united states under climate change : a forest landscape modeling method [1]
    Forging a national diet : beef and the political economy of plenty in postwar America [1]
    Frames and subspaces [1]
    Functional recovery of the microcirculation during skeletal muscle regeneration [1]
    Galaxy evolution as seen by Herschel [1]