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    The battle within : a mixed methods exploration into political journalism and role strain [1]
    Bayesian hierarchical modeling of colorectal and breast cancer data in Missouri [1]
    Because they care : rural community college instructors' beliefs and practices [1]
    Between a nuclear family and a stepfamily : growing up with married biological parents and older half-siblings [1]
    Bifurcation analysis and damage detection in mechanical structures [1]
    Black families as embodied policy : politics of dignity transforming colonized policy procedures [1]
    The black inside the blue : black law enforcement officers' perceptions of racial profiling in Missouri [1]
    A call to citizenship : Anti-Klan activism in Missouri, 1921-1928 [1]
    A case study of classroom faculty experiences with racial dialogue in one rural Missouri university [1]
    A case study of secondary school leaders' perceptions of attendance policies and procedures used to increase attendance [1]
    Case study of southwestern Wisconsin conference high school diversity clubs : advisor qualifications, club resources, and multicultural curriculum [1]
    A case study of the Global Food Security Act of 2016 : interorganizational policymaking and food security d/discourses [1]
    Case study of the impact of professional high school internships on college and career readiness [1]
    Cases of resiliency : exploring experiences of refugee women participating in U.S. textile and apparel nonprofit organizations' skills training programs. [1]
    Change champions for student recruitment : leader experiences in managing change for new technology adoption [1]
    Characterization of a diverse USDA collection of wild soybean (glycine soja siebold & zucc.) accessions and subsequent mapping for seed composition and agronomic traits in a RIL population [1]
    Characterization of the effects of 3,3'-diindolylmethane (DIM) in the TRAMP mouse prostate cancer model and DIM's interaction with estrogen receptor signaling [1]
    Chemical compositional analysis of polychrome pottery in the northern Casas Grandes area (a.d. 1200-1450) [1]
    Child death, grief, and the community in high and late Medieval England [1]
    Childhood epidemics and the demographic landscape of the Aland Archipelago [1]