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    Early-stage social ventures : resource acquisition, CEO selection, and impact investors
    The ecological roles of amphibians and subsidies in ponds
    The efects of psychological ownership on loyal customers' perceptions : applying brand tourism effect and conspicuous consumption to luxury hotel marketing
    The effect of piano accompaniment type and harmonic context on the tuning performance of college-level choral musicians
    Effective numerical methods to model dynamic behavior of springs with torsion
    The effectiveness of cares dementia training modules on delivery of person centered care inside a memory care unit : utilizing the cares observational tool
    Effects of consultation on professional learning communities
    Election timing as a predictor of electoral outcomes in public school bond elections in Missouri
    Electrophysiological studies of identifying and modulating the preparatory strategic processes involved in episodic memory retrieval
    Enacted identities : a narrative inquiry into teacher writerly becoming
    End-tidal carbon dioxide in the diagnosis of acute pulmonary embolism in hospitalized adult patients
    Essays on climate econometrics
    Evaluating and improving corn nitrogen fertilizer recommendation tools across the U.S. Midwest
    Evaluation of faculty engagement in professional learning activities : a mixed-methods study on communication processes, value, and barriers
    The evolution of complex calls In meadow Katydids
    An examination of athletic participation and academic achievement among high school students in a midwest, catholic high school
    An examination of black women's health information understanding and negotiation of engagement in skin whitening
    Examining relationships between first-grade achievement, student socioeconomic status, and student-teacher relationships
    Explaining variation in adoption and implementation of anti-corruption policies
    Exploring star formation in high-mass galaxies in the low-z universe