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    Galaxy evolution as seen by Herschel [1]
    Genealogies of affect among a young veterinarian's public letter : an exploratory study of hidden curricula in a college of veterinary medicine [1]
    Generalized Littlewood-Richardson coefficients for branching rules of GL(n) and extremal weight crystals [1]
    Generating sequences and semigroups of valuations on 2 dimensional normal local rings [1]
    Genetic architecture and marker-assisted breeding for salt tolerance in soybean [1]
    Genetic diversity and distribution of the ringed salamander (ambystoma annulatum) across multiple spatial scales [1]
    Genetics in practice : applications of quantitative genetics to environment and educational pursuits [1]
    A glimpse of African identity through the lens of Togolese literature [1]
    Green solvent-enabled biomass conversion for renewable chemicals and lignin upgrading [1]
    Harmonizing with the cosmos : a critical analysis of cosmic symbolism in musical theatre [1]
    Harnessing policy windows : using lessons from the post 9 11 GI Bill passage to garner congressional support for US military requirements [1]
    Heterogeneity in body condition, survival, and seasonal origins among lesser snow and Ross's geese [1]
    Homology sequence analysis using GPU acceleration [1]
    Identity-motivated elaboration : the role of partisan social identities and elaboration in political persuasion and learning [1]
    Image matching and image super-resolution via deep learning [1]
    Impact of sutherlandia frutescens on hepatic steatosis in high-fat fed rats [1]
    In self defense : black female journalists' advocacy in the Cold War [1]
    The influence of breast cancer-related lymphedema on women's return-to-work [1]
    The influence of race on behavior and the neural correlates of expectancy during an economic decision game [1]
    Intern and congregant perceptions of the impact of a United Methodist ministry internship program in rural Missouri [1]