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    Labeling HIV-1 nucleic acids during infection and effect of MOV10 in HBV replication
    Leading in a digital age : digital leaders' impact on the professional development culture in a secondary school setting
    Let's agree to agree : effects of self-awareness and social identity on online deliberation
    Load and resistance factor design of drilled shafts subjected to lateral loading at service limit state
    Machine learning methods for 3D object classification and segmentation
    Marital conflict and spousal wellbeing : the moderating role of emotion regulation strategies among couples in first married families and stepfamilies
    Martial citizenship : firearms, identity, and masculinity in a public militia group
    Mechanical behavior of transparent fiber reinforced polyester composites at extreme temperatures
    Mechanisms of Alphavirus Midgut dissemination in the Mosquito, Aedes aegypti
    Mechanisms of clostridial toxin binding and translocation
    Mechanisms of immunity and inflammation in Brucella-induced arthritis
    Mechanisms of photoreceptor mediated responses in photomorphogenesis and phototropism
    Mechanisms of the phototropic pathway
    Mediated temporal consciousness: memory and concepts of time through engagement with online news archives
    Membrane interactions with membrane type 1 matrix metalloproteinase
    Mesh-free modeling of spatially inhomogeneous aerosols in arbitrary geometries
    A middle school co-teaching program evaluation in one suburban midwestern school district : perceptions from regular education co-teachers, special education co-teachers, and building administrators
    Modeling and experimental study of polyurethane foaming and gelling reactions
    Monitoring motivation and academic growth in writing for young English language learners
    Mothers' cooking stress and family dining out : examining psychological influences and family dining out benefits on mothers' life satisfaction