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    Partial characterization of Bt resistance and the bacteriome of western corn rootworm [1]
    Perceptions of non-teaching workload for faculty in high technology baccalaureate degree programs [1]
    Perceptions of out-of-field teachers of the sustainability of urban teacher quality support systems [1]
    Perceptions of special education training as viewed by northwest Missouri high school principals and Missouri university leaders [1]
    Persistent homology : categorical structural theorem and stability through representations of quivers [1]
    Personal and organizational predictors of service provision for refugees [1]
    Pictorial representations of monkeys and simianesque creatures in Greek art [1]
    Plasticity of neurons in mouse major pelvic ganglia in response to loos of physiological input in cases of nerve injury and spinal cord injury [1]
    Pointing to inclinations : Albertus Magnus' physiognomy as a scientific and theological nexus [1]
    PopZ and FtsZ coordinate polar growth termination and cell division in Agrobacterium tumefaciens [1]
    The postmaster's porcelain : collecting European decorative art in middle America [1]
    Potential theory methods for some nonlinear elliptic equations [1]
    Practice-based evidence research design for lymphedema management [1]
    Prairie stream ecology : temporal and spatial patterns of macroinvertebrates [1]
    Predictors of postsecondary success for students with autism spectrum disorder [1]
    Preparation and characterization of bioadsorbent beads for removing selected heavy metal ions from wastewater [1]
    Pretargeted cancer radioimmunotherapy and radioimaging using antibodies and antibody fragments [1]
    Prior learning assessment for credit at the University of Central Missouri : a program evaluation [1]
    Professional development design in elementary school blended learning environments : changes in teacher mindsets and adaptive thinking skills [1]
    Protection from pneumonic plague by the induction of heme oxygenase-1 [1]