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    Tale of two schools : a phenomenological case study of culture in a high school with an international baccalaureate program [1]
    Taphonomic characteristics of fossils on the burgessshale-type spectrum [1]
    Teacher conceptions of authentic science : exploring teachers' practical and formal epistemologies [1]
    Teachers as agents of change : how knowledge gained from secondary English language arts professional development impacts classroom practices [1]
    A test of resource dependency theory using higher education institution behavioral changes after state based merit aid adoption [1]
    This great prayerful tradition : American presidents preaching public theology at the National Prayer Breakfast [1]
    A thousand TV shows : applying a rhizomatic lens to television genres [1]
    Three essays on corporate-political relationships [1]
    Three essays on retail price competition [1]
    Total hemispherical emissivity of reactor pressure vessel candidate materials : SS 316 L, SA 508, and A 387 Grade 91 [1]
    Towards real-time object detection on edge with deep neural networks [1]
    A transdiagnostic investigation of amygdala-vmPFC resting state functional connectivity and emotional distress in daily lives [1]
    Transnationalism from below : an exploration of transnational engagement behavior of Nicaraguan immigrant entrepreneurs [1]
    Understanding the effects of maternal undernutrition in early gestation on placental development in late gestation [1]
    Understanding the relationship between global and diversity learning practice types, critical thinking and awareness of self and others in college students [1]
    Unraveling the role of the endogenous complex gut microbiota in the Pirc rat model of human colon cancer [1]
    Using impact asthma echo to influence physician self-efficacy and guideline adherence [1]
    Uterine regulation of preimplantation embryo development in fertility-classified heifers [1]
    A video self modeling intervention to modify aggressive behaviors in students with autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disabilities [1]
    Virtual web for PageRank computing [1]