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    This great prayerful tradition : American presidents preaching public theology at the National Prayer Breakfast
    A thousand TV shows : applying a rhizomatic lens to television genres
    Three essays on corporate-political relationships
    Three essays on retail price competition
    Total hemispherical emissivity of reactor pressure vessel candidate materials : SS 316 L, SA 508, and A 387 Grade 91
    Towards real-time object detection on edge with deep neural networks
    A transdiagnostic investigation of amygdala-vmPFC resting state functional connectivity and emotional distress in daily lives
    Transnationalism from below : an exploration of transnational engagement behavior of Nicaraguan immigrant entrepreneurs
    Understanding the effects of maternal undernutrition in early gestation on placental development in late gestation
    Understanding the relationship between global and diversity learning practice types, critical thinking and awareness of self and others in college students
    Unraveling the role of the endogenous complex gut microbiota in the Pirc rat model of human colon cancer
    Using impact asthma echo to influence physician self-efficacy and guideline adherence
    Uterine regulation of preimplantation embryo development in fertility-classified heifers
    A video self modeling intervention to modify aggressive behaviors in students with autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disabilities
    Virtual web for PageRank computing
    What single midlife women think about and do to protect their sexual health
    Wild leaves and narrow stems : case study of a school garden in transition
    A world in flux : journalistic change in science journalism
    X-Ray scattering at the periphery : forbidden bragg reflections and silicon nanowire arrays
    Youtube as an early childhood music education resource parental attitudes, beliefs, usages, and experiences