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    Academically at-risk college students at a small, private, faith-based university : a qualitative study of factors promoting persistence to the fourth year
    Adaptation of soybean to tropical environments for smallholder farmers
    Administrator view on technology directorship in southeast Missouri
    Adolescent leadership development through participation in a robotics design challenge experience
    Analysis of content and pedagogical content knowledge in secondary mathematics teachers� preparation programs : perceptions of novice teachers, cooperating teachers, and university professors
    Anthropogenic effects on soil physical, chemical, and biological properties in the Missouri Ozarks
    Applications of deep neural networks to protein structure prediction
    Applied paleozoology and biogeography : four case studies from Missouri
    Are dividends and share repurchases substitutes? : evidence from the reaction of financial analysts
    The battle within : a mixed methods exploration into political journalism and role strain
    Bayesian hierarchical modeling of colorectal and breast cancer data in Missouri
    Because they care : rural community college instructors' beliefs and practices
    Between a nuclear family and a stepfamily : growing up with married biological parents and older halfsiblings
    Bifurcation analysis and damage detection in mechanical structures
    Black families as embodied policy : politics of dignity transforming colonized policy procedures
    The black inside the blue : black law enforcement officers' perceptions of racial profiling in Missouri
    A case study of classroom faculty experiences with racial dialogue in one rural Missouri university
    A case study of secondary school leaders' perceptions of attendance policies and procedures used to increase attendance
    Case study of southwestern Wisconsin conference high school diversity clubs : advisor qualifications, club resources, and multicultural curriculum
    A case study of the impact of professional high school internshps on college and career readiness