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    3D city scale reconstruction using wide area motion imagery [1]
    Abscisic acid : interactions with auxin in the regulation of root growth under water deficit conditions [1]
    Academically at-risk college students at a small, private, faith-based university : a qualitative study of factors promoting persistence to the fourth year [1]
    Adaptation of soybean to tropical environments for smallholder farmers [1]
    Administrator view on technology directorship in southeast Missouri [1]
    Adolescent leadership development through participation in a robotics design challenge experience [1]
    After Watteau: Nicolas Lancret and the creation of the hunt luncheon [1]
    Analysis of content and pedagogical content knowledge in secondary mathematics teachers' preparation programs : perceptions of novice teachers, cooperating teachers, and university professors [1]
    Analyzing the physical and virtual interior design studio classroom practices and culture [1]
    Anthropogenic effects on soil physical, chemical, and biological properties in the Missouri Ozarks [1]
    Applications of deep neural networks to protein structure prediction [1]
    Applied paleozoology and biogeography : four case studies from Missouri [1]
    An arc of death : suicide, alcoholism, murder, accidents, and other early deaths in St. Louis, Missouri, 1875 to 1885 [1]
    Architecture as a device of control : themes of prison life with focus on solitary confinement [1]
    Are dividends and share repurchases substitutes? : evidence from the reaction of financial analysts [1]
    Arsenic-72, 77 as a matched pair radiopharmaceutical for imaging and radiotherapy [1]
    Assessment of the microbiome associated with endangered orchids [1]
    An attentional theory of issue-carrying capacity [1]
    Attitudes and beliefs about corporal punishment among inner city homeless parents : a qualitative narrative study [1]
    Attitudes toward marriage and divorce in East Asia [1]