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    Biology of uterine glands : impact on reproductive function
    Biomineralizers from the proterozoic to today : assessing taxonomy and paleoecology through the lens of taphonomy
    Bone regenerative engineering via controlled release of simple signaling molecules
    Capital requirement and financial stability
    Clarifying relational egalitarianism
    Climate and land use effects on hydrologic processes and water allocation in a primarily rain-fed, agricultural watershed
    Clinical deterioration and perception of cues among medical surgical nurses
    Conditional direction dependence analysis in linear models with SPSS macros and custom dialogue implementation
    The consciousness of visual experience
    Cooperative control of multi-agent systems with time-delays
    Decentering experience : beyond visitor or object centered philosophies in university art museums and exhibition design
    Development of radiolabeled metal chalcogenide nanoparticles for targeted adiotherapy against an infection
    Digestible amino acid requirements for young female turkeys
    The effect of Parkinson's disease on learning-related slow potentials and emotion
    Effects of exercise and phytoestrogens on white adipose tissue health in estrogen deficient rodents
    Emergent properties in the artificial magnetic honeycomb lattice of ultra-small elements
    Epidemiology of non-aureus staphylococcal mastitis in dairy goats
    Essays on empirical models of retirement
    An examination of Missouri women high school band directors' experiences with mentorship
    Extracellular vesicles : novel mediators of conceptus-maternal interactions in sheep